TACA Arts Insider with Lindsay Harwell

Arts Insider with Lindsay Harwell

What drew you to the arts and influenced you as a dancer and choreographer?

Honestly, there was not a singular moment that brought me to the arts. It has always been an interest, be it drawing or acting out scenes in my living room as a kid. It all just came so naturally for me. As I have gotten older, it is the moments that shaped an artist’s voice that have influenced me. Those instances in our life that are held on to whether happy or sad and the reasoning for their importance. I am always trying to use art to be myself fully so I can create an environment for artists to also be able to share who they are and what moves them. 

As an artist, why do you feel it is important to support New Works?

New Works gives artists the means to accomplish their vision, and that would be enough reason for me. Artists are a reflection for our world and give voices to marginalized communities or experiences that we have never even thought about. The more we listen to others’ stories it will help us look at the world and yourselves differently.

You recently took on a leadership role at the Embrey Family Foundation. Can you describe how your artistic background impacts your philanthropic vision?

The biggest way my years as a dancer have impacted my work with the foundation is understanding the power that art has. As an artist my goal is to help whoever I am performing for or dancing with. Letting a person feel seen and remind them that we are all in this together because at the end of the day we are all just humans. Taking away isolation and replacing it with support to create a world where we all flourish. 

Lindsay Harwell currently serves on the Board of Directors at the Embrey Family Foundation, a Dallas-based non-profit whose mission is to expand awareness, explore possibilities, and elevate consciousness. 

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