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Our Supporters

Thank You to Our Supporters

Founders Circle

The Founders Circle, TACA’s multi-year giving program, is an important group of supporters committed to supporting and sustaining the arts and cultural community of North Texas. The Founders Circle allows us to run strong and effective programs and ensures our growth and sustainability for many years to come. Members indicate their commitment by making an annual gift each year for at least three years.

Chairmen Circle ($50,000)
Nancy and Clint Carlson*
The Louis L. Borick Foundation
Donna Wilhelm

Presidents Circle ($25,000)
Diane and Hal Brierley*
Carol and Don Glendenning

Leaders Circle ($10,000)
Barbara and Don Daseke*
Pilar and Jay Henry
Melinda and Jim Johnson
Carol and Kevin March/March Family Foundation
Karen and Jim Wiley

Foundations Circle
Bowdon Family Foundation
Kohl Foundation
Sapphire Foundation, Inc.

* Denotes Founders Circle Founding Member

Benefactors Circle ($5,000)
Faye C. Briggs
Marsha Cameron and Michael Halloran
Cindy and Charles Feld
Julie and Ken Hersh
Laree Hulshoff and Ben Fischer
Tara Lewis and John Swords
Shirley and William S. McIntyre Foundation
Sandra and Samuel Moon
Ann and Dan Noble
Deborah and Jim Nugent
Jay Oppenheimer
Leah and Jim Pasant*
Stefanie Schneidler and Jeffrey Robinson and Ruth E. Robinson
Carrie and Andrew Teller, Jr.
Karen and Ken Travis
Michele F. Vobach and Stephen F. Vobach
Kathleen J. Wu and Shawn Hill

Corporate Council

Corporate Council, TACA’s annual corporate giving program, recognizes companies that actively support the arts in North Texas. Membership is offered to those businesses who understand that the arts are more than a nicety, but an essential element of a vibrant city.

Arts Ambassadors

Arts Ambassadors, TACA’s annual giving program, plays an essential role in supporting the arts and cultural community in North Texas. With your gift, you become part of our community alliance while enjoying a wide array of benefits throughout the year.

Leader ($10,000)
M.R. Evelyn Hudson Foundation
Dianna and Francis Sommer

Benefactor ($5,000)
Bill and Purvi Albers
Joleen and Jim Chambers
Gwen and Leldon Echols
Debbie Lively
Candace and Jeffrey Netzer
Todd Salmans
Jackie and Andy Schwitter
Rosemary Haggar Vaughan

Patron ($2,500)
Peter and Jennifer Altabef
Mickie and Jeff Bragalone
Billy and Dodee Crockett Advised Fund
Laura and Jim Einspanier
Kathleen M. Gibson
Wanda Gierhart
Dawn and Tobin Grove
Laurence E. Hirsch
Cara and Gary Owens
Angela Paulos
Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr.
Carol and Daniel Podolsky
Enika and Richard Schulze
Steve and Betty Suellentrop

Sustainer ($1,000)
Ida Jane and Doug Bailey
Kathy & Gene Bishop
Kris and Ed Burks
Janis and Roy Coffee
Linda and Bill Custard
Pam and Mark Denesuk
Patricia M. Donosky
Kristy and Raymond Faus
Kate Flume
James A. Gibbs
Jennifer and John Hampton
Kim and Greg Hext
Marguerite Steed Hoffman
Jennifer Swift Houser
John and Rusty Jaggers
Margo Keyes
Barry Keith Knezek, MD
Melinda and Mark B. Knowles
Lisa and Peter Kraus
Barbara Lake
John B. Lawrence
Robin Lederer
Heather Lewless
Charlene and Tom F. Marsh
Cheryl and Wolford McCue
Lila and Emmett Murphy
Deborah and Jim Nugent
Wade Owens
Lucilo Peña and Lee Cobb
Nancy Perot and Rod Jones
Carolyn and Karl Rathjen
Keith Redmon
Ruth E. Robinson
Deedie Rose
Ken Schnitzer
Arthur F. Selander
Craig Wilson

Associate ($500)
Greg and Brooke Alexander
Mary Anne Alhadeff
Heather and Ray Balestri
Gabriel and Ann Barbier-Mueller
Tony Barnard
Dayle Binder
Joanne L. Bober
Kimberly and Jim Bryan
Lani Burgar
David Cadwallader
Brandi and Pete Chillian
John R. Cohn
Lee Cullum
Elizabeth Dacus
John Dayton
Darren and Christy Dittrich
Zenetta S. Drew
Bess and Ted Enloe
Alina and Ruben E. Esquivel
Kristy and Raymond Faus
Melissa and Trevor Fetter
Wendy Finley
Tracy Fitz
Edward Fjordbak
Suzy and Larry Gekiere
Graham Greene
Danice and Shawn Grisham
Stuart Guthrie
Howard Hallam
Sarah Hansen
Kelly and Ginger Hardage
Jennifer Heiss
Carol and Jeff Heller
Amy and Scott Hofland
Kaki Hopkins
Tierney and Jared Hutchins
Kline Family Foundation
Marten F. Klop
Lisa and Peter Kraus
David Leggett
Margo and Curtis Leggett
David G. Luther, Jr.
Sandra and Peter Mailandt
Alison Malone
Bill Martin
Janie and Cappy McGarr
Charlotte McKenzie
Deborah McMurray
Gail McPherson
Devon Miller
Geraldine “Tincy” Miller
Joyce and Harvey Mitchell
Candace and Jeffrey Netzer
Kate and Keith Newman
Karol Omlor
Linda Patston
Kelly E. Proctor
Terri Provencal
Cindy and Howard Rachofsky
Jeff Rane
Dawna Richter
JoAnne and Elliott Roosevelt
Catherine and Will Rose
Pat and Jed Rosenthal
Pat and Ray Smerge
Josephine Smith
Brenda and David Snizter
Eliza Solender and Gary Scott
Debbie Stack
Anne and Steve Stodghill
Roslyn Dawson Thompson and Rex Thompson
Brenda Truitt
Zannie and Glenn Voss
Sarah and Don Warnecke
Randy Wright
Sharon and Michael Young

Friend ($25-499)

John Barnes
Terry Bax
Julie and Graeme Bice

Julius Blatt
Heather Bryant
Meredith and David Camp

Laura Camuel

Annabelle Catterall

Catherine Clark Chiao
Leland Coggan
John Cohn
Mary Lee Cox
David Daly

Carlos and Jane Davis

Debbie Espe
Amanda Feemster
Robyn Flatt
Zelda Hantz

George Cruz and Carey Himel

Randy Hunter
A.C. Gonzalez
Augustine Jalomo
Emily Jefferson

Susan Jenevein

Renee and David Karp
Chris Kennington

Barbara and Stan Levenson
Gloria Little
Nora Loyd

Richard Malnory
Hannah McCue

Joyce and Harvey Mitchell
Greg Oertel and Lucas Shelton
Capera Ryan/Christies Auction House

Keira Scanks

Mary and Pat Sculley

Nancy Shelton

Angela Smith

Alice Stultz
Roslyn and Rex Thompson
Betsyanne Tippett
Gae Whitener and Michael Connolly
Richard Wills
Katherine Wynne