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TACA360° – Engaging Young Employees Through The Arts

What is TACA360°?

TACA360° is an opportunity for Dallas area companies to enroll and engage young employees in an innovative 9-month program that provides each employee participant the chance to understand how the arts work.  As well, employees are given the opportunity to apply their talents in a meaningful way with a local arts organization.

The TACA360° program is a win-win for companies, employees, and the community. By introducing young professionals to peers in the business and arts communities, the program bolsters company morale, fosters employee engagement, and helps to pave the way for the next generation of leaders in local arts organizations. Simply put, TACA360° is both good for business and the community.
Brent Beckert
TACA360° Participant (2017-2018)

Three young employees at a TACA event

Program Components

Key program components include:

  • A series of interesting behind-the-scenes experiences, including backstage tours and observations of rehearsals.
  • Engaging presentations about the how local arts organizations are having a social impact in areas such as healthcare and neighborhood connections.
  • With a small team of colleagues, participation in a short-term project assignment with a smaller arts organization. The collaboration addresses an important need of the arts.

TACA360° participants convene monthly, usually in the late afternoon, for presentations, events and other arts experiences.

Want to learn more?

The next class of TACA360° will launch in September 2018. The deadline to enroll in the program is May 2018.

To learn more and/or to join the program, please contact Wolford McCue, President & Executive Director, at wolford.mccue@taca-arts.org or call 214.520.3930.

“TACA360° is such a unique program. It has been a fabulous way to network with peers both within my own firm and across other industries while getting access to incredibly unique ways to experience the arts in Dallas.”

Molly Edwards
TACA360° Participant (2017-2018)

Molly Edwards

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