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TRG Arts Community Network: North Texas

TRG Arts Community Network: North Texas

What is the TRG Arts Community Network: North Texas?

The TRG Arts Community Network: North Texas is an online network of regional cultural organizations that enables the secure sharing of patron data through a powerful database, the TRG Data Center, built and operated by TRG Arts. Membership is open to regional, nonprofit cultural organizations.This online tool gives member organizations access to:

  • Permission-based list trading – A streamlined way to trade targeted patron lists with other cultural organizations in North Texas while keeping 100% control of your data
  • Analysis and reporting – TRG Data Center reporting provides insights about your patrons, including geographic analysis, patron crossover, and basic demographic modeling
  • Data hygiene at-your-fingertips – Every mailing list created in TRG Data Center is merged, de-duplicated, and run through the National Change of Address Registry, giving you quick and accurate counts and saving you money at the mail house
  • Targeted digital advertising – The Data Center Digital program can turn the Co-op data set into anonymous, privacy-compliant cookies so member organizations can target patrons with online advertising campaigns

Click here for a listing of current TRG Arts Community Network: North Texas member organizations.

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When can I join?

Membership windows occur quarterly. New members can join on any one of the following dates in 2018:

  • January 26, 2018
  • April 20, 2018
  • July 13, 2018
  • October 12, 2018

How can I join?

  1. Contact Kevin Replinger, TRG Arts Account Manager, at KReplinger@trgarts.com or call 719.322.4503.
  2. Complete the TRG Arts New Member Survey and Member Agreement
  3. Prepare and submit your data using the TRG Data Center New Member Submission Guide
  4. Start exploring!

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

Please contact Kevin Replinger, TRG Arts Account Manager, at KReplinger@trgarts.com or call 719.322.4503.

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