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TACA Perforum

TACA Perforum | A Conversation to Advance Arts & Culture

2018 Topic: Meeting Community Needs

Monday, October 29, 2018
Nasher Sculpture Center

Moderated by Zannie Giraud Voss, Southern Methodist University

Attendee at 2017 TACA Perforum

Across the country, arts organizations are actively seeking to broaden their relevance, appeal and reflection of America’s changing demographics. As the population continues to shift around us and we seek out ways to become and stay engaged in our community, it begs the questions, “How are we meeting the needs of our community?”

This year’s TACA Perforum will explore this question and the idea that when we better understand and take into account the attitudes, behaviors and needs of those in our community, we do a better job with the content and delivery of our programs. In doing so, we create offerings that better meet people’s needs and interests and increase our relevance in the community.

About TACA Perforum

TACA Perforum is an annual, community-wide arts symposium designed to advance a collective vision for what a thriving arts and cultural community can look like for Dallas and North Texas. Through a conversation facilitated by expert panelists and roundtable discussions, we seek an infusion of ideas to consider debate, explore, and possibly adapt and develop for implementation locally.

Since 2009, TACA Perforum has served as a forum to both identify and address needs in the North Texas arts community. The New Works Fund (2012), the North Texas Cultural Co-op (2013), the Artist Residency Fund (2015) and the TACA Perforum: Amplifier Workshops (2015) are programs that have been launched by TACA to meet needs identified through Perforum.

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