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Amplifier Workshops

Amplifier Workshops

The Amplifier Workshops are a series of professional development workshops aimed at providing local arts and cultural administrators access to expertise on specific topics that may otherwise be difficult to access on an individual basis. These workshops give organizations the opportunity to directly engage with local and national arts experts on topics such as marketing, audience development, and fundraising.

We’re currently in the process of creating new workshops. If you’d like to suggest a theme or topic, please let us know!

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2023 Amplifier Workshops Sponsor


Catalyzing Your Culture: Creating Organizational Change
with Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew

This two-part, interactive workshop is designed to help organizations prepare for and implement changes in organizational culture to create spaces of belonging for leaders, staff, audiences, and stakeholders.

Suggested audience: CEOs/Executive Directors, Executive and Board Leadership Teams

Part 1: Barriers to Change 
October 26, 2023, 10am to 12pm

What’s getting in the way of the change you’d like to see in your organization? Change happens in non-profit organizations either too quickly or too slowly, but the process often isn’t managed well. Learn more about tools that can assist in creating the change you’d like to see. In this session, we will learn more about the Immunity to Change process by Harvard professors and authors Kegan and Lahey as well as the work of Ronald Heifetz on Adaptive Leadership. Prepare to discover how our unconscious beliefs hold us back from moving forward!

Suggested Pre-Read: The Real Reason People Won’t Change, by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey (Harvard Business Review, November 2021)

Part 2: Facilitating Organizational Change to Create Spaces of Belonging
November 9, 2023, 10am to 12pm

To create an organizational culture of belonging, we must create spaces that are intentional for everyone to be affirmed, seen, heard, and valued. The culture of your organization has an impact on your internal operations affecting staff, morale, well-being, and productivity. It also has an impact on your external relationships in the community that can limit your board recruitment and outreach efforts. This session builds on the first workshop and examines how your organization’s culture could be a barrier to change and ultimately, your growth.

Location of both workshops to be announced shortly.


Meet the Instructor

Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew
Building meaningful and fruitful collaborations for the betterment of the community is what Dr. Booker Drew has spearheaded for years. Froswa’ Booker-Drew, Ph.D. is a Network Weaver who believes relationships are the key to our personal, professional, and organizational growth. She has been quoted/featured in Forbes, Ozy, Bustle, Huffington Post, Modern Luxury, and other media outlets, due to her extensive background in leadership, nonprofit management, philanthropy, partnership development, training, and education.

She is the CEO of Soulstice Consultancy, LLC providing belonging and inclusion support, leadership training, community engagement strategies, and philanthropic/partnership guidance for local and national institutions, and the CEO of R2 Foundation (Restoration and Reconciliation Foundation) providing support for Black-led nonprofits.

Formerly the Vice President of Community Affairs for the State Fair of Texas, Froswa’ was responsible for grantmaking, educational programming, and community initiatives. More than 70% of organizations funded were led by people of color. As the previous National Community Engagement Director for World Vision, she served as a catalyst, partnership broker, and builder of the capacity of local partners in multiple locations across the US to improve and sustain the well-being of children and their families.  She is also co-founder of HERitage Giving Circle, one of the first Black Women Giving Circles in the state of Texas, and co-founder of both Power in Action-Dallas and the South Dallas Employment Project.

For Dr. Booker-Drew’s full bio, please visit the event page or the Soulstice Consultancy, LLC website.

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