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Nominator Portal

Nominator Responsibilities

As a nominator, we expect you to do two things:

1. Observe artistic programming by nonprofit arts organizations in Dallas County. Just like you already do, go and see theater shows, dance and music performances, visual art exhibits, poetry readings, etc.—virtual or in-person. You’re welcome to see/go to whatever interests you most on your own schedule. TACA will not stipulate how you spend your money and time. The TACA team will share programming with you that may not be on your radar along the way. Just remember, we want to keep your role as a Nominator anonymous. Think of yourself as a “secret shopper” for the arts.

2. Nominate organizations for their artistic programming. After you commit to becoming a nominator, we will give you access to complete online nomination forms. Nominations are reviewed bi-monthly by a selection committee who ultimately determines the programs that best fit our criteria of: creativity & innovation, artistic merit, and accessibility & inclusion.

For a more thorough review of the Pop-Up Grant program and Nominator responsibilities, feel free to watch the recording of a Nominator Information Session recorded on February 1, 2022, below.

Nominator Information Session

Observation & Nomination Form

To submit artistic programs that you’ve observed and to make a nomination, please click on the button below. This is for TACA-selected nominators only.

Observation & Nomination Form

Artistic Programming Resources

There’s a lot of artistic programs happening in Dallas County! Check out what’s going on around town using the resources below.

Programs Submitted to TACA

Art&Seek Calendar


CultureMap Dallas Calendar

Key Deadlines & Dates

January & February 2022
Review Period: December 13 to February 20
Nomination Deadline: Sunday, February 20
Grant Announcement: Wednesday, March 2

March & April 2022
Review Period: February 21 to April 24
Nomination Deadline: Sunday, April 24
Grant Announcement: Wednesday, May 4

May & June 2022
Review period: April 25 to June 19
Nomination Deadline: Sunday, June 19
Grant Announcement: Wednesday, June 29

July & August 2022
Review period: June 20 to August 21
Nomination Deadline: Sunday, August 21
Grant Announcement: Wednesday, August 31

September & October 2022
Review period: August 22 to October 16
Nomination Deadline: Sunday, October 16
Grant Announcement: Wednesday, October 26

November & December 2022
Review period: October 17 to December 11
Nomination Deadline: Sunday, December 11
Grant Announcement: Wednesday, December 19