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Artist Residency Grant Recipients

TACA Artist Residency Fund Grant Recipients

Meet our 2019 Grant Recipients

Since the launch of the Artist Residency Fund in 2015, 17 innovative and impactful residencies have been supported with $370,000 in grant funds. In 2019, TACA distributed $70,000 to support artist residencies at four organizations. The 2019 TACA Artist Residency Fund was made possible by the generosity of the Bowdon Family Foundation and Rea Charitable Trust.

Avant Chamber Ballet* – $15,000
Residency of choreographer and dance artist Jennifer Mabus

Avant Chamber Ballet (ACB) will engage notable choreographer and dance artist Jennifer Mabus in an artist residency for their 2019-2020 season. Mabus will engage ACB dancers and youth community partners to create a world premiere work as part of ACB’s Women’s Choreography Project, an initiative to address gender inequity in the world of ballet by commissioning new works by female choreographers. Mabus will use her current research on empathy and live performance to weave the dancers’ and students’ stories into her creative process to produce the final work which will feature the stories of women.

*First-time TACA Artist Residency Fund Grant Recipient

Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas – $10,000
Residency of Dallas Black Dance Theatre: Encore!, Orpheus Chamber Singers, cellist Gayane Manasjan and her string quartet, and storyteller Deecee Cornish

Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas’ (CCGD) residency, also known as the Interlude project, contracts diverse guest artists to perform during transition periods during CCGD concerts at the Meyerson Symphony Center and Moody Performance Hall. The purpose of the residency is to serve as a gateway to arts consumption for those who are not frequent arts attendees—young children, parents, and diverse ethnic and cultural groups—and to offer artists unique community engagement and audience development opportunities. CCGD 2019-2020 will engage Dallas Black Dance Theatre: Encore!, Orpheus Chamber Singers, cellist Gayane Manasjan and her string quartet, and storyteller Deecee Cornish as artist residents.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra* – $13,000
Residency of musician and composer Julie Wolfe

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO) will engage Pulitzer Prize-winning American musician and composer, Julia Wolfe, as Composer-in-Residence for their 2019-2020 season. Wolfe’s residency will include the Dallas premiere of a new orchestral work, composition workshops for students, and a two-day residency with music students in the DSO’s Young Strings and Young Musicians programs. Through these components and more, the DSO anticipates that Wolfe’s residency will spark meaningful interactions between artists and the community and provide culturally relevant discussions through innovative programming while authentically enriching lives through musical excellence.

*First-time TACA Artist Residency Fund Grant Recipient

Junior Players – $32,000
Residency of Shelby Doroshow, Shannon Hart, Yolanda Williams

Junior Players will engage Shelby Doroshow (Technology and Editing Specialist), Shannon Hart (Story Boarding Specialist), and Yolanda Williams (Talent Acquisition Specialist), to facilitate a Broadcast Journalism program. The program will focus on the importance of storytelling in digital media and broadcasting to help local students channel challenging concepts into a form of expression and to help create a platform for their voices to be heard. Through the program, students will develop innovative techniques for gathering and producing news stories that will be featured at a community screening at the Texas Theater. The project will enable students to recognize the importance of having a voice and utilizing it to positively impact others around them.

If you are interested in supporting the Artist Residency Fund, please contact us at development@taca-arts.org or 214.520.3930.

Previous Artist Residency Fund Grant Recipients

KJ Sanchez, Playwright (2018) | $23,000
Grandma’s Empanadas
Residency Dates: February – May 2019

Dr. Sandra Snow, Conductor (2016) │ $10,000
Conducting Masterclass with Dr. Sandra Snow
Residency Dates: Saturday, March 25, 2017

Jamal Story, Choreographer (2015) │ $24,000
Cultural Awareness Series
Residency Dates: December 14, 2015; February 5, 2016
Performance Dates: February 19-21, 2016

TBA (2017) │ $10,000

Douglas Buchanan, Composer (2016) │ $60,000
The Sounds Between
Residency Dates: Fall 2016 – Spring 2018

Lear deBessonet, Theater Artist (2015) │ $35,000
Public Works Dallas: The Tempest
Residency Dates: Fall 2015 – Spring 2017
Performance Dates: March 3-5, 2017

Jonathan Norton, Playwright (2018) | $20,000
Dallas Theater Center Playwright-in-Residence
Residency Dates: February 2019 – May 2020

Baumer String Quartet (2018) | $7,000
Residency Dates: May 1 – 4, 2019

Sara Romersberger, Theatre Professor (2017) │ $25,000
The Transformation Project
Residency Dates: October 1, 2017 – August 18, 2018

Danica Sena, Choreographer (2016) │ $29,560
Misa Flamenca: Seville and Spanish Dance, from Cathedral to the Street
Residency Dates: February 1 – 25, 2017
Performance Dates: February 15-17, 2017

Octavio Solis, Playwright
and Gustavo Tambascio, Director (2015) │ $30,000
Residency Dates: May 2017
Performance Dates: June 21 – July 22, 2017

Nicole Paiement, Conductor (2015) │ $11,000
The Linda and Mitch Hart Institute for Women Conductors
Residency Dates: June 2016 – June 2017
Performance Dates: December 2016

The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (2017) │ $15,000
Residency Dates: October 26-29, 2017