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Your membership gift creates community impact!  By joining The District, you’re supporting TACA’s vision to create an innovative, inclusive, sustainable cultural sector recognized for its essential contribution to a vibrant, prosperous community.

When you give to TACA and the local Dallas arts community, you give life and critical resources to:

  • Cornerstone arts institutions and new and emerging organizations
  • Working artists and professionals in dance, theater, spoken word, visual arts, music, and other genres
  • Creativity, community, arts education, and diversity

Membership Levels & Benefits

Members of The District enjoy a range of benefits that include curated social experiences, insider access, and special offers throughout the year.

TACA Friend | $1 – $124

  • Opportunity to purchase TACA t-shirt designed by a local artist
  • Recognition as a member of The District on the TACA website
  • TACA Arts Insider E-News distribution

TACA Ally | $125 – $249

  • Entry in The District Contests and Drawings
  • Opportunity to purchase tickets to Meet the Catalysts programs
  • PLUS all ‘Friend’ benefits

TACA Partner | $250 – $499

  • One complimentary ticket to attend Meet the Catalysts programs in 2024
  • Invitations to attend District Socials
  • PLUS all ‘Ally’ benefits

TACA Enthusiast | $500 – $999

  • Two complimentary tickets to attend Meet the Catalysts programs in 2024
  • PLUS all ‘Partner’ benefit

TACA Advocate | $1,000 – $2,499

  • Two complimentary tickets to attend Meet the Catalysts programs in 2024
  • PLUS all ‘Enthusiast’ benefit

The District Supporters

TACA Advocates ($1,000-$2,499)

Pamela K. Acker
Anne and Larry Angelilli
Meredith and David Camp
Grace Cook
Deirdre Drake
Laura and Jim Einspanier
Emily Jefferson
Barbara Lake
Jani and Jeff Leuschel
Michelle, Rachel, and Matthew Mazzini
Sonja McGill
Deborah McMurray and Glen Davison
Amy and Michael Meadows
Karol and Larry Omlor
Stephanie and David Russakov
Lucas Shelton and Gregory Oertel
Ryne Young

TACA Enthusiast ($500-$999)

Cheryl Alston
Ida Jane and Doug Bailey
Lani Burgar
Alina and Ruben Esquivel
Read and Steven Gendler
Sarah Hansen
Deborah and Craig Sutton
Brandy Wicker


TACA Partner ($250-$499)

Tracey Barclay
Laura Camuel
David Cadwallader
Elizabeth Dacus
Marti DuBuisson
Wendy Finley
Robyn Flatt
Joyce Goss
James Jillson
Veletta Forsythe Lill
Scott Jordan and Tim Myrick
Michael L. Kaufman
David Leggett
Barbara and Stan Levenson
Pam and David Luther
Jill Magnuson
Suzanne and James Smith
Andy Smith and Paul von Wupperfeld
Meredith Wallace
Patrick D. Willis

TACA Ally ($125-$249)

Pat Baldwin
Mary Brinegar
L. Louise Delano
Steven Engwall
Rita Sue and Alan Gold
Susan Hicks
Rusty and John Jaggers
Gina Myers
Liz Pereira
Kathryn Ringer

TACA Friend ($1-$124)

Zaida Basora
Joanna Clarke
Rachel Currie Triska
Liz D’Aloia
Steve Danner
Hector Garcia
Madan Goyal
Marty Holtman
Daniel Jacob
Dr. David Karp
Jill Louis
Michelle Mai
John McBride
Toni Miller
Lynne Richardson
Christina Steffey
Whitney Strauss
Wendy and Jeremy Strick
Kristi Tomenga
Emma Vernon
Rhonda Williams
Richards Wills

*Gifts, grants, and charitable contributions July 2023 – July 2024