May & June Pop-Up Grant Recipients July 3, 2024

Meet the Pop-Up Grant Recipients for May and June

We are proud to announce five standout Pop-Up Grants programs for May and June! These productions included diverse artistic endeavors, challenging us to see complexity in familiar stories and immerse ourselves in the creativity of the Dallas arts community.

Photo by Alex Leffall

Produced by Bishop Arts Theatre Center in collaboration with Dallas Theater Center

Fannie: The Music and Life of Fannie Lou Hamer

Unrestricted Grant: $2,500 Pop-Up Grant
Artist Bonus Funds: $5,000 Artist Bonus Funding

Fannie: The Music and Life of Fannie Lou Hamer celebrated the woman whose courage, humor and grit reminded us that there’s courage in the face of fire, hope in tomorrow, and that we all have a stake in our country. Part theater, part revival, and all power – this one-woman show with music had your head nodding and hands clapping from start to finish.

Bishop Arts Theatre Center (BATC) is an award-winning, multicultural, multidisciplinary arts institution. Founded in September of 1993, their mission is to cultivate a diverse and vibrant arts community committed to social impact, while creating opportunities for local and emerging artists to develop new, contemporary, and lasting works that celebrate the diversity and resiliency of our community. Bishop Arts Theatre Center offers a full season of theater performances, jazz concerts, a speaker series, and year-round arts education programs. Learn more about BATC on FacebookYouTubeInstagram, and Twitter.

Photo by Matt Mrozek

Kitchen Dog Theater

Love and Vinyl

Unrestricted Grant: $2,500 Pop-Up Grant
Artist Bonus Funds: $5,000 Artist Bonus Funding

Love and Vinyl was a new play about browsing for records and romance in the digital age! Best friends Bogie and Zane visited their local record store and left with so much more than a stack of vinyl in this salty, sweet, and smart romcom.

It is the mission of Kitchen Dog Theater to provide a place where questions of justice, morality, and human freedom can be explored. They choose plays that challenge moral and social consciences, inviting audiences to be provoked, challenged, and amazed. KDT believes that the theater is a site of individual discovery as well as a force against conventional views of the self and experience. It is not a provider of answers, but an invitation to question. Since theater of this kind is not bound by any tradition, Kitchen Dog Theater is committed to exploring these questions whether they are found in the classics, contemporary works, or new plays.  Keep in touch with Kitchen Dog Theater on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by DFW Dance Photography

Pegasus Contemporary Ballet

Synergy 2024

Unrestricted Grant: $2,500 Pop-Up Grant
Artist Bonus Funds: $5,000 Artist Bonus Funding

Pegasus Contemporary Ballet presented three world premiere choreographic commissions, each created in collaboration with an acclaimed Dallas-based musician spanning the genres of American Techno, Jazz Violin, and Percussion Soundscape. This vibrant evening of music and dance was emblematic of Pegasus Contemporary Ballet’s collaborative, unique, and exceptional contribution to the Dallas arts scene.

Pegasus Contemporary Ballet aspires to be a national leader in its field; contributing world-class performances to the cultural landscape in Dallas and beyond. As innovators and artists, Pegasus Contemporary Ballet continues the legacy of ballet, expressing it as a meaningful and living art form. Their mission is to use the classical foundation of ballet to express contemporary perspectives, engage diverse audiences, and enrich the human experience. Pegasus uses contemporary ballet to create innovative performances, interdisciplinary collaborations, and exciting new works. Keep in touch with Pegasus Contemporary Ballet on Facebook and Instagram. 

Photo by Frederick Ezeala

Teatro Dallas

Cloud Tectonics

Unrestricted Grant: $2,500 Pop-Up Grant
Artist Bonus Funds: $5,000 Artist Bonus Funding

Amid a dark storm, two people – a lone motorist and a beautiful, extremely pregnant hitchhiker – find each other. The motorist offered a haven and took the hitchhiker home, where she seemed to cast a spell over him and his brother, who arrived unexpectedly.

Teatro Dallas was founded as a non-profit theater in 1985 by Jeff Hurst and Cora Cardona. As a cultural institution, they focus on international theater and the Latinx experience as lenses through which to experience the human condition. Teatro Dallas is committed to the cultural empowerment of the Latinx community by representing varied experiences, voices, and artistic expressions. Through high quality theatrical programming Teatro Dallas employs the power of theater to celebrate our diverse traditions while strengthening our community. Keep in touch with Teatro Dallas on Facebook and Instagram.

We started our Pop-Up Grant program to shine a light on arts organizations creating programming that demonstrates exceptional quality, innovation, and accessibility safely, without skimping on the creative impact.

Grant recipients are meticulously selected via a nomination process that incorporates 70+ anonymous volunteers. Nominations are made each month and a selection committee meets afterward to determine grantees based on our criteria above.

To learn more about Pop-Up Grants, please click here.

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