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Support the Arts

Make a Donation to Support The Arts Community in North Texas

A gift to TACA supports the entire arts community, not just one organization. In our 50-year history, TACA has invested more than $28 million to support and strengthen the arts community. Our grants translate to new premieres and productions, impactful residencies, community initiatives and more. Our dynamic service programs help over 200 employees from nearly 100 different arts organizations do what they do better.

Dear friend,

North Texas Giving Day is one of the biggest days of philanthropy in the country – can you believe it?! It’s become so because of generous people like yourself.

TACA believes in the transformative power of the arts and its innate ability to nurture, educate and inspire people every day.

Be it through valued grants, professional development workshops, or community events, TACA supports and strengthens our entire arts ecosystem. We hope that you consider joining us in this work and supporting the incredibly vibrant and impactful arts organizations we serve for North Texas Giving Day!

The TACA team

Make A Difference