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Founders Circle

Sustain the Arts Through Founders Circle

TACA has established an impressive reputation as an early funder of innovative art. Through its grants process, TACA has discovered and provided support for new arts organizations that have made a significant impact in the community.

"Over the last several decades, Dallas has come into its own artistically, thanks in part to a half century of support from TACA. Of course, art for its own sake is enough. It surrounds us with beauty and speaks to each of us in its own unique language. But art does more than that. It inspires creativity. It advocates for justice. It speaks for those who can’t speak for themselves. It tells us what we are sometimes afraid to tell ourselves. For those reasons, and for countless others, I am a passionate supporter of the arts — and TACA."
Kathleen Wu
Founders Circle member

TACA has recently funded emerging organizations like Bruce Wood Dance, Cry Havoc Theater Company, Dark Circles Contemporary Dance, Lumedia Musicworks, the Dallas Chamber Symphony and the American Baroque Opera Company. Artistically, each is presenting engaging work and attracting new audiences to experience the transformative power of the arts.

Many years ago, TACA was an “early investor” in Shakespeare Dallas. This list goes on through the years: Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Turtle Creek Chorale, the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, and many more received TACA’s support shortly after their launch. Those initial investments by TACA have resulted in numerous arts organizations that continue to produce impactful work and attract new audience members.

TACA Founders Circle is a critical group of supporters committed to sustaining and nurturing the arts community. Founders Circle donors make a commitment of an annual gift of a three-year period, or longer. Please play a proactive role in helping TACA continue to support new arts experiences that attract people of all ages.

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