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Fall Arts Crawl Q&A

Fall Arts Crawl Q&A

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2023 TACA Fall Arts Crawl Q&A

Q: What is the TACA Fall Arts Crawl?
A:  The Fall Arts Crawl is TACA’s all-new fall fundraiser that showcases and celebrates Dallas arts organizations, arts, and artists.  We’re putting the ‘fun’ in fundraiser with indoor and outdoor venues – and a series of smaller, connected events. The Fall Arts Crawl replaces the former fall fundraising events – Party on the Green and Glitz at the Ritz.

Q: Is the Fall Arts Crawl a single event or multiple events?
A: The 2023 Fall Arts Crawl is comprised of three distinct social engagements this fall held in the evening on October 13, November 2, and November 11. Each is uniquely designed and developed by TACA board members who are serving as hosts.

Q: Do I need to purchase tickets to all 3 events?
A: While there will be ticket and sponsorship packages that include all 3 events, you can purchase tickets to the individual Fall Arts Crawl events. But please note that TACA’s single ticket inventory may be more limited for some of the events.

Q: How will each event be different?
A: All three social engagements are hosted by different board members, working closely with the TACA Team to curate their vision and experience. That means that each event will feature different artists, distinct flavor (literally), and their themes.

Q:  How do I get more information and purchase tickets?
A:  We’ll update information about Fall Arts Crawl and the upcoming event on our website, and also post ticket information.  Follow us on social media where we’ll share some fun surprises, teasers, videos, and logistical information (parking and access) about each distinct event.