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Upcoming Events

TACA Resiliency Workshop

October 28, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

The Comeback Collection: 4 Sessions to Reignite Revenue and Relationships

Session 3: Listening to Your Team and Community


Over the past year, economic fallout due to the pandemic has been catastrophic for arts and cultural organizations. The good news? 98% of organizations are planning to perform for a live audience by the end of 2021. And with this, we have an opportunity to make a comeback – but only if we prepare for it!

Over the next 10 months, we’ll dig into strategies and tactics to building stronger relationships with patrons and colleagues to drive results. Working collaboratively, across departments, to understand what your patrons want and need will ensure you create high-impact, empathy-rich, results-oriented campaigns.

We’ll gather four times for formal learning – where takeaways include new frameworks, relevant examples from the sector, shared vocabulary (linguistically and in data), and peer connection. Each session will balance teaching time, full group discussions, and breakouts to give you tools and time to put work into action (none of those 5-minute breakouts here, you’ll have real time to dig in with your peers). Additionally, we’re hosting monthly office hours where you can bring your questions directly to TRG consultants to meet you where you are to keep the work progressing.

Session 3: Listening takes muscle and process, and we’ll help you develop both to build stronger relationships within your organization and with those you serve.