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Our Impact

Our Impact

At TACA – The Arts Community Alliance – we believe the arts are transformative, though obstacles of limited funding, rising costs, and a lack of access to other important resources make it difficult for the arts to survive and thrive. TACA exists to nurture arts organizations and provide visionary, responsive leadership to the arts community.

TACA’s mission is to support excellence and impact in the arts through grant-making, capacity building, and thought leadership. We envision an innovative, inclusive, sustainable cultural sector, recognized for its essential contribution to a vibrant, prosperous community.

Learn more about TACA’s impact in the community through stories from TACA Grant Recipients. 

Cry Havoc Theater Company

"TACA’s support inevitably opens new doors for small and mid-sized organizations. Support from TACA is seen as a stamp of approval to other funders in Dallas. And, TACA’s board and arts panelists are some of the biggest arts advocates in the community. We wouldn’t be where we are today without TACA."
Cry Havoc Theater Co. in “Crossing the Line” (2019)

Fine Arts Chamber Players

"With TACA's reputation and name recognition, being a TACA-funded organization is like a seal of approval: an arts patron can see the affiliation and will know we have been vetted and they can trust a TACA-funded organization will provide quality performances or experiences."
Fine Arts Chamber Players (Photo by Noah Winston)

Dallas Black Dance Theatre

"TACA’s commitment to the growth and sustainability of local arts organizations has made it a catalyst in building Dallas’ vibrant arts community. Dallas Black Dance Theatre first received funding from TACA in 1984 as a small community-based dance troupe in only its 8th season. By recognizing the organization’s potential, TACA’s early investment significantly impacted where DBDT is today.
Dancers of Dallas Black Dance Theatre

Soul Rep Theatre Company

"Soul Rep Theatre Company is privileged to be among the dozens of dynamic arts organizations supported by TACA. For the last three years, we have benefitted not only from monetary support from TACA, but insightful workshops and presentations to enrich the artistic and operational growth of our company."
Soul Rep Theatre Co. in “The Monarch” (2017)

Nasher Sculpture Center

“The Nasher Sculpture Center is deeply grateful to TACA for their consistent dedication shown to this organization, their commitment to the arts, as well as their extreme generosity shown towards the Dallas arts community. Their support of the Nasher and other arts organizations is a profound investment in not only the enrichment of this city and region, but in the power of the arts as a whole."
Nasher Sculpture Center
Nasher Sculpture Center