Our Impact

Our Impact

At TACA – The Arts Community Alliance – we believe the arts are transformative, though obstacles of limited funding, rising costs, and a lack of access to other important resources make it difficult for the arts to survive and thrive. TACA exists to nurture arts organizations and provide visionary, responsive leadership to the arts community.

TACA’s mission is to support excellence and impact in the arts through grant-making, capacity building, and thought leadership. We envision an innovative, inclusive, sustainable cultural sector, recognized for its essential contribution to a vibrant, prosperous community.

Learn more about TACA’s impact in the community below in our 2018 Impact Report and through stories from TACA Grant Recipients. 

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Cry Havoc Theater Company

"As a young company, the first-time grant from TACA immediately opened doors for conversations with other funders who see TACA's award as a stamp of approval. With the announcement of the award and the vocal enthusiasm of everyone at TACA, we also saw an immediate increase in ticket sales for our January 2017 production of "Shots Fired" as well as overall interest in our organization."
Young Artists of Cry Havoc Theatre Company in their 2017 show, Shots Fired
Cry Havoc Theater Company, “Shots Fired” (2017)

Fine Arts Chamber Players

"With our TACA grant, we were able to add two teaching artists to our music residency program, hire Dr. Alex McDonald to direct our 2016 Basically Beethoven Festival, double the number of students reached through our Music A-Z program, and achieve a 20% increase in program attendance. We are so grateful for TACA’s support, which has helped us to grow and feel confident in expanding out programs and taking risks on new ideas."
Violinist teaching
Fine Arts Chamber Players

TITAS Presents

"TACA’s funding frees up TITAS to create bold and adventurous programming. Often the philanthropic world inserts so many restrictions on funding that artists need help paying the electric bill so they can focus on the work. We appreciate TACA’s support because it helps enable us not to have to focus on meeting payroll but instead focus on finding the most interesting and intriguing artists from around the world to bring to Dallas. TACA’s generous funding and the subsequent freedom it gives us is the greatest gift we could receive."
Dancers from Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
TITAS Presents Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s “Horses In The Sky” – Photo Credit: Eyal Hirsch

Second Thought Theatre

"Revenue resulting from our TACA grant directly contributed to an essential increase in our staffing capabilities and allowed our organization to form a clearer picture of what is necessary for long-term evolution. We hope to continue expanding this model with future funds from TACA as the STT staff takes on an increased work load including our transition to SPT Actors Equity contracts, more meaningful engagement with our patrons and subscribers, and additional season planning for a fourth production in our programming.”
Actress in Second Thought Theatre's 2016 show, "Grounded"
Second Thought Theatre’s “Grounded” (2016)

AT&T Performing Arts Center

“As a result of our TACA grant, the Center was able to continue its innovative Broadway En Español program, which provides live Spanish-language translations of select shows via discrete assistive listening devices. The program allowed hundreds of Spanish-speaking individuals to enjoy Center presentations at no additional cost."
People dancing in front of the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House
AT&T Performing Arts Center