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Grant Recipients

2018 TACA Grant Recipients

Since our establishment in 1967, we have awarded more than $28 million in grants to more than 150 emerging and established nonprofit arts organizations, large and small, throughout Dallas County. We also recruit, train and staff more than 70 volunteers in the community and nationally in researching, evaluating and awarding our grants.

Grantmaking is a critical component of our mission to support artistic excellence and impact in the arts. Through our grant programs we hope to not only strengthen the effectiveness and impact of arts organizations, but to also encourage innovation and risk-taking. Click here to learn more about our grant programs. 

This year, we are thrilled to support the work of 41 outstanding and deserving arts organizations in our community. Each week this year, we will feature one of these organizations here on our website and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can scroll past the featured organization for a complete listing of 2018 grant recipients.

Big Thought‘s mission is to make imagination a part of everyday learning. TACA supports Big Thought’s DaVerse Lounge, a spoken word performance and youth development program, providing a safe haven for self-expression. Done in collaboration with Journeyman Ink, the program integrates a formal curriculum—that teaches critical literacy skills through spoken word and poetry—with open-mic showcases for teens and young adults. Click below to learn more about Big Thought and the impact that they are making in our community.


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