Logos and Ads

TACA Logos and Ads

Our TACA logos and program ads are provided below in many different formats to assist our grant recipients and other organizations to acknowledge TACA support and collaboration in print and digital communications. If you are in need of a customized logo or ad, please reach out to Julie Bice, Senior Development Manager, at julie.bice@taca-arts.org or 214.520.3930.

TACA Logo – With Tagline

TACA – Color (JPEG)

TACA Logos – Without Tagline

TACA – Black (GIF)

TACA – Black (JPEG)

TACA – Color (GIF)

TACA – Color (JPEG)

TACA – White (GIF)

TACA – White (JPEG)

TACA Logo – T Only

TACA – T Only – Color (GIF)

TACA – T Only – Color (PNG)

TACA – T Only – White (GIF)

TACA Playbill/Program Book Ads

TACA Playbill/program book ads are currently in-progress. If you’d like to be notified when they are complete, please email Greg Oertel, Program & Marketing Manager, at greg.oertel@taca-arts.org. Thank you for your patience!

A Message from Terry D. Loftis
Responding to the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

In accordance with advice from health experts, TACA staff is working from home. Business operations will continue as normal, with staff available via business email addresses.

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