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About Us

TACA – The Arts Community Alliance

TACA believes in the transformative power of the arts. Whether it’s examining personal challenges or celebrating community diversity, art is a powerful agent of change. But being a nonprofit arts organization is challenging! Limited funding, rising costs and a lack of access to other important resources makes it difficult to survive and thrive.

We exist to nurture arts organizations and provide visionary and responsive leadership to the arts community. By providing flexible funding and much-needed resources, like professional development workshops, we allow arts organizations to spend less time on keeping their doors open and more time on running strong and effective programs that transform lives through the arts.




I am TACA was made possible by The Donna Wilhelm Family Fund, Charlie Uniform Tango and The Richards Group.

Mission & Vision

TACA – The Arts Community Alliance – supports excellence and impact in the arts through grant-making, capacity building, and thought leadership. We envision an innovative, inclusive, sustainable cultural sector, recognized for its essential contribution to a vibrant, prosperous community.

Brief History

For 50 years, we have worked to establish North Texas’ cultural community as one of the strongest in the nation. Originally founded in 1967 as an annual charity event, we have become a valued arts funding and service organization, providing an array of grant funds and innovative service programs. Our growing investment in the arts translates to new premieres and productions, impactful residencies and community initiatives, and more opportunities for artists and audiences to connect – all making Dallas a great place to live and work.