2019 TACA Lexus Party on the Green – Meet Chef John Gilbert August 28, 2019

Chef John Gilbert and the Artisan Craft Kitchen

In anticipation of the 2019 TACA Lexus Party on the Green on October, 4, 2019, we’re highlighting some of the celebrated culinary talent that you don’t want to miss at the event.

Next in our lineup is Chef John Gilbert! Chef Gilbert is the founder and president of G Texas Custom Catering and owner of The Artisan Craft Kitchen located at KPMG Plaza at HALL Arts in the heart of the Dallas Arts District. The Artisan’s market-style restaurant offers a stylish and fun environment where guests can enjoy fresh, locally-sourced foods prepared on-site daily by an incredible culinary team.

We had the chance to speak with Chef Gilbert about his cuisine, the arts, and TACA Lexus Party on the Green. Read more below!

Mediterranean cuisine by the Artisan Craft Kitchen

TACA: What inspires your cuisine at the Artisan Craft Kitchen?

Chef Gilbert: Many of our customers at the Artisan dine with us 2-3 times each week. Our entire culinary team takes their feedback to heart and we build our menus to cater to their needs and desires. Our menus are inspired by the seasonal, fresh ingredients we can source locally to create fresh and inventive menus daily. We love to feature the regional flavors of Texas, but we also encourage our chefs to contribute their creativity and diverse experiences to developing constantly changing menus from most every style of cuisine.

With all that you do, what is the one thing you’d want the TACA community to know about you as a chef and arts supporter?

The Artisan was very lucky to join the Dallas Arts District during a time of great development and growth. Our entire concept and design were based on creating a destination that could be an active member of the Dallas Arts District community and our support our neighbors. Throughout my 30 years of experience as a chef, event planner and business owner, my main focus has been on large scale, high volume events (serving over 300,000 meals each year) which makes it challenging to get to know our clientele. The Artisan has given our team a chance to get to know each of our guests and connect with them on a meaningful level. We truly believe that creating a meal that makes someone feel good and impacts their day is a privilege. This is our opportunity display our creativity and talent and to fulfill a valuable purpose.

You’re located in the Dallas Arts District, so we have to ask: Can you remember a moment when the arts had a memorable effect on you?

Bandaloop performing on the side of KPMG Plaza at HALL Arts.

Bandaloop performing on the side of KPMG Plaza at HALL Arts

One of my favorite memories in the Dallas Arts District was the groundbreaking of HALL Arts Residences and Hotel. We had just begun construction on the Artisan Craft Kitchen and the entire community had gathered to watch Bandaloop perform at the top of the KPMG tower, while we hosted an elegant catered luncheon on the Terrace. For our team, it represented the beginning of a new adventure for us and the Dallas Arts District.

We’re thrilled to have you participate in TACA Lexus Party on the Green again this year. What has been your favorite part about Party on the Green? What are you most looking forward to at this year’s event?

Our favorite part of TACA’s Lexus Party on the Green is visiting with other chefs and discovering what they are creating at their own restaurants! Their creativity and skill is inspiring. We are looking forward to connecting with the residents and visitors in the Arts District and introducing them to our team! I am also looking forward to catching up with the chefs from previous events and welcoming incredible new chefs to the Dallas Arts District!

Last question, with all of the events to participate in around town, why do you support TACA Lexus Party on the Green? 

There are so many incredible things happening with all of our partners and each venue in the Dallas Arts District; when they are successful in their endeavors, the Artisan is successful as well! Our support of TACA through each of their programs and through Party on the Green allows us to use our resources to help the entire arts community grow and thrive.

For more information about TACA Lexus Party on the Green and to purchase tickets, please visit: taca-arts.org/partyonthegreen. We can’t wait to see you at the event!

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