2019 TACA Lexus Party on the Green – Meet Chef Eric Dreyer August 13, 2019

Chef Eric Dreyer and Ellie’s Restaurant & Lounge

In anticipation of the 2019 TACA Lexus Party on the Green on October, 4, 2019, we’re highlighting some of the celebrated culinary talent that you don’t want to miss at the event.

Ellie’s will open at Hall Arts Hotel in Fall 2019.

First up, please say “hello” to Chef Eric Dreyer! Chef Dreyer is the Executive Chef at an exciting new restaurant in the Dallas Arts District opening in fall 2019 – Ellie’s. The restaurant is named for Ellie Hall, the late mother of hotel owner and Hall Group Founder Craig Hall. Ellie’s will open at Hall Arts Hotel which is also slated to open this fall.

We had the chance to speak with Chef Dreyer about Ellie’s, the arts’ role in his life, and the upcoming TACA Lexus Party on the Green. Read more below!

TACA: Tell us, what inspires your cuisine at Ellie’s at Hall Arts Hotel?

Chef Dreyer: After learning about the life of Ellie; her strength, spirit and grace, I felt connected. We want the atmosphere to feel relaxed, with elevated warmth. The cuisine portrays a spirit in the classics, pays tribute to multi-generational heritage, an homage to MOM.

A photo of Elaine D. and Charles A. Sammons Park

TACA Lexus Party on the Green takes place at Sammons Park in the Dallas Arts District.

Could you describe a moment when the arts had a memorable effect on you?

I remember my dad taking me to the opening of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth when I was a kid. It was eye opening, seeing the collections and the history. This experience had an effect on me culinarily in every way – the many approaches to food, cooking style, and the elements of a plate.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s TACA Lexus Party on the Green?

Not only to give back to TACA’s meaningful mission, but to also share Hall Arts Hotel with TACA members.

Read more about Chef Dreyer, Ellie’s, and Hall Arts Hotel in PaperCity Magazine. 

For more information about TACA Lexus Party on the Green and to purchase tickets, please visit: taca-arts.org/partyonthegreen.

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