Head of the Class – J. Davis Hamlin & Margot Perot February 7, 2019

Celebrated annually, the TACA Silver Cup Award recognizes two individuals for their outstanding volunteer leadership and contributions to the arts in North Texas. The TACA Silver Cup Award Luncheon serves as a unique opportunity to honor these individuals and gather the region’s civic and cultural leaders, patrons, and volunteers in support of distinguished leadership and volunteerism in the arts. This year, TACA is proud to honor Margot Perot and J. Davis Hamlin as our 41st TACA Silver Cup Award recipients.

Read about our honorees below from the February/March 2019 issue of Patron Magazine by Lee Cullum.

“It was no surprise when J. Davis Hamlin and Margot Perot were selected by The Arts Community Alliance’s membership, comprised of venerated arts leaders and advocates throughout Dallas, as this year’s Silver Cup Award honorees. It was only a matter of time before these two humble guardians of the arts were asked to step out from behind the curtain and take their bow. Volunteering their time, energy, enthusiasm, and philanthropy behind the scenes to countless institutions—the Dallas Opera, Dallas Symphony, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, and Dallas Museum of Art in the Dallas Arts District alone—either of them could have been the inspiration for the words in TACA’s mission statement: The transformative impact of the arts and their ability to ignite intimate conversations that demonstrate respect, offer exploration, examine personal challenges, celebrate diversity, and tender hope, joy, understanding, and laughter.”

J. Davis Hamlin at his home – Photo courtesy of Patron Magazine

Margot Perot at her home – Photo courtesy of Patron Magazine

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